A simple four stage process

Sitting Rooms Perth - Business Continuity Planning Model

Key Components of Business Continuity Management

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Emergency Response

  • Protection of lives and property
  • Emergency response procedures - fire, earthquake, bomb threat, etc
  • Building evacuation procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities of Floor Wardens and First Aiders
  • Primary and alternate muster points
  • Accounting for staff
  • Interface with building management and public authorities
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Crisis Management

  • Executive leadership at times of crisis
  • Manage strategic rather than operational issues
  • Internal communications – staff, next of kin, families, Board
  • External communications – customers, supplies, media and other stakeholders
  • Protecting reputation of organisation
  • Managing, assessing, distilling and communicating information
  • Staff welfare, employees assistance
  • Liaison with civil authorities
  • Strategies for resumption of critical business activities
  • Decision to activate IT disaster recovery and / or business continuity plans
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Business Continuity

  • Manage tactical and operational response – when and how to resume / continue critical business activities
  • Relocate to alternate work premises – dedicated business continuity site, use of branch offices, work from home, transfer work to another location
  • Managing customers’ expectations
  • Manual workarounds if IT services are not available
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IT Disaster Recovery

  • Resume IT services to support critical business activities
  • Network connectivity
  • Helpdesk support, especially for people working from home
  • Relocate to alternate data centre
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Back To Normal

  • Damage assessment
  • Loss adjusters / insurance claims
  • Clean-up, refurbishment, repairs
  • Recovery of water / smoke damaged documents and equipment
  • Relocation and reoccupation of premises
  • Rebuilding of systems
  • Clearing backlogs
  • Returning to business as usual

Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

Sitting Rooms Perth Business Continuity Plan Model