Is Your Business Prepared For The Unexpected?

Business Continuity Management

Disruption to your business can be brought on by any number of unpredictable events both within and without of business control. The unpredictability of such events, however, should have little bearing on a company’s preparedness to react when the need arises. No matter the size of the company, your preparedness to mitigate against unpredictable events should be assessable by way of a Business Continuity Plan.

Here in WA, we are well acquainted with effects of events such as bushfires, severe storms, and flooding. On top of these, issues as seemingly minor as loss of electricity, or data, can have real and negative impacts on your business as they arise. Assessing the risk that such events pose to both daily and ongoing business requirements is the domain of Business Continuity Management (BCM), and it is this process that produces the goto Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for activation during an emergency.

Regardless of the size of your business, your BCM and BCP are the essential documents when it comes to dealing with the unexpected. There are plentiful online resources to assist you in drawing up a BCN or BCP if you are yet to do so, and we have links to some of these below.

While in the planning stage it is often useful to consider your business and its requirements from afar; it is our business to provide the professional environment that best suits your needs to this end. Developing your plan offsite will highlight the essentials and the desirables in your daily operations, assisting in the creation of a stronger BCP and allowing you to be as prepared as you can be when interruption strikes.

Business, but not as Usual

When necessity insists, execution of your BCP becomes just another business process. Management continues to manage, actionable items are tracked and resolved, and so on; your company is prepared for the crisis, is reacting according to its preparations, and business moves on in its recovery mode.

During particularly severe events however, access to your own facilities may be restricted. This may require your emergency response team to coordinate and manage its continuity processes at a workspace recovery site. Although temporary, this alternative workspace site will need to replicate the core infrastructures such as computers, phones, internet, meeting rooms, front reception and staff recreation areas. The Sitting Rooms offer all of these services and can tailor its workspace to align closely to your businesses BCP. These services work like an insurance policy, where an annual fee is charged based on your business needs to keep your workplace recovery site on standby.

Being Prepared

While we all want to focus on the positives in our approach to business, it is our approach to risk that can see us through difficult and unpredictable disruptions to service and trade. A Business Continuity Plan integrated in a wider Risk Management context can help businesses react effectively when the unexpected occurs. In serious situations, a good BCP could even be the difference between the ultimate failure or success of the affected business.


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