Co-working space
From $25* per day

If you are a start up business or your business is growing rapidly and you are looking for a professional environment to continually grow your business the Sitting Rooms can help. We provide the best co-working space rates in Perth and we don't belive in membership fees.

* Represents full time co-working rate.

Room Hire
From $150* per day

We guarantee the best quality modern training facilities and rates in Perth. We provide access at times that suit your business. All room hire bookings include everything, no extras or hidden costs for overhead projectors and white boards the rates we show include the lot. We also provide free tea and proper coffee.

* Represents the Board Room day rate.

Workspace Recovery
From $38* per week

If your business suffered from a fire or flood tomorrow how would you continue your operations? The Sitting Rooms specialise in helping businesses get back to normal quickly by providing access to an environment with all essential services, such as computers, phones, high speed internet (NBN), meeting rooms, etc.

* Represents basic package.

Keystart manages over 16,000 loans in Western Australia. A strong Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an essential part of our business. As the Chief Risk Officer I found it particularly difficult to find a suitable location in Perth, especially with the infrastructure Keystart desired to execute our BCP effectively.

After a number of months looking we came across the Sitting Rooms, a company who specialise in providing BCP facilities. We were very pleased by the modern layout, Infrastructure and the time that management spent understanding our needs to get the right solution.


In my experience the Sitting Rooms tailored BCP solutions would suit a wide variety of businesses. Their service and expertise was exceptional and I highly recommend them to anyone considering a BCP facility.

Sitting Rooms is a leading provider of workspace recovery solutions and Business Continuity Management strategies.